W.A.R.N.I.N.G….. E.V.A.N.G.E.L.I.C.A.L….. P.O.S.T

I am a big believer in Pilates Education being available in the North so more people can learn to teach and therefore we can fulfil Joseph Pilates’ wishes to bring Pilates to everyone.

This is why I created Hosted by Movement Education aka Hosted by me, Claire Sparrow. This is my passion project being Scottish and living in the North of England and addicted to life long learning.

I believe that movement and bodywork professionals in the North deserve to have the highest quality education and professional development without always having to travel. I also believe in providing a platform for industry-leading practitioners to share their skills, knowledge and message with a wider audience by bringing their work to the North.

My passion for bringing education to the North started when I had a young family and found myself frequently travelling to London and even Canada to seek out the best educators and courses to fulfil my own personal career development goals.

Motivated to continue my own education without the burden of travel on me and my family and with the knowledge that there had to be many people like me who felt the same way, I worked with Elizabeth Anderson and her company Pilates Umbrella to bring Pilates education North. We hosted Alan Herdman, Lolita San Miguel and Julian Littleford in Leeds between 2006 and 2009.

I think that generally, our industry wants to reach people because we know Pilates is for everybody and can help people live their lives fully and with optimal health and vitality. So for us to reach people we need to have more education available to more people across the country. Ergo we need to make it more accessible to people who feel passionate about teaching this work.

I also believe in providing a wide range of education not all affiliated to a school or organisation so that professionals can choose and take ownership of the direction of their education and career. The choice is key.

So here I am standing up for life long learning in the North. For me, this belief extends way beyond Pilates but Pilates, health and well being is where I find my purpose!

I hope I am not on my own and there is a tribe of people out there who also believe in their own life long learning and that we can bring it North and stand with me.

The next opportunity to stand with me and work on your career and self-care with is at an exclusive, only in the North Pilates Unfiltered Podcast and Teach From The Heart Workshop with Jenna Zaffino 29th November – 1st December.




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