• High-end look with a variety of patterns, bold colours and classic neutrals
  • Patented toe-free design for easy on/off, & ability to use all muscles in the feet and toes
  • light weight knit allow for full retention of the barefoot sensation
  • Wicks away moisture from feet and allows for quick dry
  • mild compression knitting through arch and instep of some models
  • BPA Free sticky grips provide non-slip stability 
  • charitable consumerism – all purchases of Tucketts support the Tucketts for Peace Initiatives which contribute to underprivileged and in need communities 
  • sustainably manufactured with great detail to maintaining a small carbon footprint
  • Low minimum wholesale order only 12 pairs
  • stable margin
  • mix and match styles and colors and quantity
  • one size fits most (sizes 4-8) keeps inventories low and no fuss on sizes
  • men’s size available (or for women size 10+)
  • flexible trading policy to ensure no Tucketts get left behind – keep only best sellers
  • made in Columbia – no worries on fluctuating tariffs, taxes, prices

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For more information and to find out how to order your own Tucketts. Alternatively visit Tucketts directly via their website to see their extensive range of socks.